Hunger among middle aged on the rise

A Place 4 Hope is located at 206 South Monroe in Albany / Ashley Knight

Many people are taking the day off from their labor, but there are others who want nothing more than to work--and as a result, are going hungry.

For those who are facing hunger and have children, they qualify for certain assistance.

The elderly has social security, but what about those who fall in between those two categories?

Monroe Davis knows what it's like to be in middle age and struggling with just a part time job.

"I'm trying to make it for me, my wife and my family and I came from east Albany, we don't have no programs, no mission, no nothing in east Albany," says Davis.

A study by the American Association of Retired Persons Foundation says the number of people in middle age and facing hunger is on the rise.

In 2009, 4.9 million people between the ages of 50 and 59 faced the risk of hunger. That's where services like A Place 4 Hope come into play, a program that helps folks with low to no income get back on their feet.

A Place 4 Hope provides a place for those on the street to wash clothes, get email and learn about job placement. Davis says don't be so quick to discount those who are older.

"We got the skills, we got the training, we got the know-how, we just want that one more chance. It's just rough, it's a constant battle, you know, bad with the economy," says Davis.

LaDonna Urick with Mission Change sees this struggle first hand.

"It's important for all our organizations to partner together because if we don't partner together and have unity, I mean, what are we doing? We're just sending people from place to place," says Urick.

Other organizations that help out include: Second Harvest 229-883-5959, The Albany Rescue Mission 229-435-7615, and Strive2Thrive 229-434-8700.