Hundreds roll into town for POW honors

Former POWs are honored in southwest Georgia. / Jessica Fairley

In honor of National Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Recognition Day hundreds of people attended a week of events in Americus. The main ceremony was held at Georgia Southwestern State University.

Bikers lined the street leading former prisoners of war and the families of those missing in action into a ceremony held in their honor.

People from all over the nation travelled to Americus for the week of events leading up to that moment.

"It's an opportunity for our students to get to know a group of folks who have sacrificed so much and their families as well," said Brian Adler, Vice President of Academic Affairs for Georgia Southwestern State University.

Hundreds of former POWs came to remember the time they served their country through detainment.

From February 1951 to August 1953 William "Wild Willy" Freeman served 930 days in captivity.

He was taken as a prisoner of war during the Korean War.

The war hero said many from his troop died on the road before making it to the camp where he was held and to this day a good number of the soldiers are considered missing in action, except for the few names he saved.

"I brought out ten names by sneaking them in a shaving tool that Red Cross had brought in and I had to roll it up because the Chinese wouldn't let you bring anything out there," said William Freeman, Korean War Ex- POW.

Although he doesn't ride anymore, for years Freeman road with the Rolling Thunder biker group in honor of the missing and his comrades who were rescued.

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