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      Hundreds of pills seized in Friday night drug bust

      Lee County Officials were able to hundreds of drugs off the street after they pulled over 46-year-old Julie Deck and found nearly 200 prescription pills inside her car.

      After a call came in of a suspected drunk driver, officials were able to pull over Deck who then tried to hide the pills under her seat. During the search of Deck's car, police found the pills as well as baggies that led them to believe she was selling the drugs and say it's important to stop these kinds of criminals.

      "It's always good to get any amount of pills off the street because you're possibly saving someone's life who could've possibly overdosed on these types of pills," said Sergeant Andrew Moore.

      Deck is charged with possession of schedule II substance, possession of schedule III substance, possession of schedule IV substance with intent to distribute, failure to drive within single lane and drugs to be kept in original container.

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