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      Hundreds of men get free health checks

      Of all the gifts a man can receive on Father's Day, there is little more precious than the peace of mind that comes with knowing they TMre healthy.

      On the day before father's day Phoebe Putney opened their doors, inviting all men to their 11th Annual Healthy Fathers, Healthy Families Men TMs Health Event.

      There is cholesterol being taken. There is prostate cancer being checked. There's diabetes being checked. There is blood pressure being checked. These men are getting about $300 dollars worth of screens free today, said Darrell Sabbs who coordinated the event.

      57-year-old John Jeter was brought in by his wife and was one of more than 500 men to get screened. I think it is very good, especially for black men, for the maladies that they suffer. Every man needs to come in and get a checkup, all of them, said Jeter.

      I want him to be around for a while. I love him and I want him to be healthy so that he can be around for me and our grand children, said his Wife Kathleen. Jeter says with kids comes a new found appreciation for his health.I didn't see my regular doctor all the time and i would miss appointments. You're body changes as you get older and it makes you aware of the need to go to the doctor on a regular basis, said Jeter.

      The event wasn't only about these men feeling good but also looking good. And they got a pep talk from former NFL star Spencer Tillman. Enough men do not take this seriously, otherwise we wouldn't have to have events like this and they would come in on their own accord. But that is one of the reasons why I am excited about Phoebe Putney TMs involvement because they can identify what those trends are in the communities and find ways like today to mitigate that human tendency not to come in and get checked, said Tillman.

      Because without today; many of the men, might not have ever seen a doctor.

      Sometimes men take better care of their automobiles then they do their bodies. So we are trying to teach you that. You should give the same care and maintenance to your body that you give to your automobile and you will put miles on your life, said Sabbs.