Hundreds of ASU students question President Freeman

Hundreds of students attend the town hall meeting

Students at Albany State University say they're upset over the Vice President of Student Affairs being demoted and later quitting. They came together tonight to get answers from President Freeman.

Lakeesh Dent, ASU Student Body President says she's heard many complaints about the situation and she's proud that the students have the platform to discuss their concerns with school officials.

Dr. Freeman addressed the students saying he cannot divulge details because it is a personnel matter. He reassured students that everything he does is in the best interest of Albany State and supported in documented evidence.

Many students weren't happy with that answer so he asked them to write down their concerns so he could address them to the best of his ability at a later date.

"We still don't know exactly why she was demoted and he's not offering any answers" says Dent.

After addressing the students Dr. Freeman left the town hall to attend a meeting in Atlanta and students questioned the other administrators in attendance.

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