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      Humane Society gives tips to keep pets safe

      If you're thinking about purchasing a puppy for someone this holiday, Kelley Hall with the Best Friends Humane Society wants you to know some important information.

      She says that it's probably best to not purchase animals to give to others.

      "I don't know that I would buy it for someone else...maybe for a child of yours because you're going to be taking care of it would be best."

      For those who received puppies this Christmas, Hall says to keep batteries and other small things away from your pets.

      It's important that holly berries and poinsettias be kept away from pets because they could kill your pet, according to Hall.

      Hall says that if your pet is outdoors and it is cold or raining, always make sure that your dog has shelter with warm, dry bedding. It's also important to keep fresh water outside for your pet. With cold temperatures, pets' water could freeze.

      Hall made the point that animals are living beings and are a big responsibility, so people should understand that the dog will need training.