Hudson Lane neighborhood receives new sewage system

Hudson Lane residents will be able to tap into a sewage line now

Those living on Hudson Lane are receiving relief from their septic tanks.

Albany's Department of Community and Economic Development helped complete the new sewage line on Hudson Lane. Funds for the project came from a federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG).

"We're excited that this is one of those areas that without these dollars may not have been able to get the project done at this time. It may have been later on or years down the road whereas now because of CDBG dollars we can go into that low income area and ensure those residents are able to get sewer," says Latoya Cutts, Director of the Department of Community and Economic Development.

After raising concerns about their septic tanks to Ward VI Commissioner Tommie Postell, residents of one neighborhood received a new sewage system, says Cutts.

"We have a number of residents who are extremely excited about the opportunity to be able to tap into the sewer. Each of those residents will also have an opportunity to be able to qualify for some of the funding we have available to help cover some of their costs of taping into the sewer," says Cutts.

If you live on Hudson Lane and want to receive some of the funding to tap into the new sewage line, contact the Department of Community and Economic Development at (229) 483-7650 and ask to speak with Thelma Watson. Assistance will be based on household income, and the rest of the cost will be at the homeowner's expense.

Cutts says Public Works will begin working on repaving the street next.