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      HUD planning makeover for West Society homes

      The Albany Housing Authority and Department of Housing and Urban Development have been working for quite some time now on what they TMre calling The Oaks at North In town Transformation Plan.This plan will be demolishing the low-income housing that TMs currently on West Society and rebuilding them to look nicer and make that part of Albany more attractive.But the work doesn TMt stop there. Dan McCarthy with the Albany Housing Authority says they are working with several community officials to make sure the people who live in these homes will have a better life. They are working with Phoebe Putney to help promote healthiness in their lives, local officials to make sure the area is safe, and they are working with various other organizations to help get people employed and back on their feet.McCarthy says they already have 18 entities that have provided letters of commitment to the plan, with in-kind commitments over a five year period. The work that these groups are committing totals over $8 million.

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