Hubbard spends day getting voters to the polls

Hubbard was making phone calls to voters and holding signs the day of the run-off election / Sarah Bleau

During Tuesday's run-off election, Albany Mayoral Candidate Dorothy Hubbard was out trying to get the public to the polls.

Hubbard says she was making phone calls as well as holding up signs at various precincts to promote herself as well as the election. She made stops at the Mt. Zion precinct and the Jackson Heights neighborhood to campaign.

"I've been out most of the day encouraging people to get out to vote -- that's going to be key for us to get our people out to vote our base back to the polls," says Hubbard.

Hubbard says on November 8th her campaign assessed where she was as in the polls, then began visiting neighborhoods to meet the voters and encourage them to vote for her.

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