How to properly dispose of fireworks

Find out how to discard of fireworks. / FOX 31 News Team

After all the Fourth of July fun is over, make sure to properly discard those unused fireworks and also those that didn't fire off when lit.

Officials say the best thing to do is to place the fireworks in a bucket and saturate them with water.

After the fireworks have soaked for a while, place the wet items into a plastic bag to retain the moisture. Then discard them in the trash.

"If someone is unsure or not comfortable with doing that, then they can just contact us here at the Lee County Fire Department or go to their local fire station and we'll be glad to properly discard or dispose of them properly," said Asst. Fire Chief Paul Branch.

Fireworks that didn't flare up when lit are considered active and can explode if not properly handled.

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