How to point out a fake cop

Dougherty County Police officer exits his patrol car. / Jessica Fairley

After two people were killed in Mississippi by a person authorities believe was posing as an officer, FOX 31 Facebook users wanted to know how to tell whether or not an officer is real.

Dougherty County Police say people should pay attention to the attire a person is wearing.

Most impersonators usually don't get the details right when it comes to the uniform.

They also say check out to the patrol car because, more than likely, a false cop will not spend the money on appropriate lighting.

Police say if a real officer pulls a person over at night, they will be in a well lit car.

If you're still hesitant about being pulled over, put on your flashers and call 911.

"You can call the communications. Just dial 911 and say hey I'm riding down the road and I've got a cop behind me and I'm not sure if he's the real one. I've got my flashers on and I'm going slowly. Can you tell me if there's an officer that's pulling me over?" says Lieutenant Michael Wood, Dougherty County Police.

He says once you get to a well lit area and stop, you have the right to check the officer's I.D.