How to get ahead when applying to jobs

Students filled out applications at Darton College's Career Fair. / file

With thousands of people using sites like and, job-seekers are forgetting the days of securing an interview face-to-face. However, Darton College's Career Fair gave those who attended the chance to show off their personality.

"Just letting the employers see your face, and getting that face-to-face communication and they also get to see the person behind the resume," said Clyde Tullis, a job-seeker looking to relocate in Albany.

People of all ages from different areas of Georgia visited the student center Wednesday afternoon to gain access to more than 50 different companies, hoping for a shot at being hired for one of the many jobs available.

"We're looking for RN's, LPN's, and CNA's to take care of our dialysis patients in outpatient settings," said Tiffany Cook, a Nurse Manager at the Dialysis Clinic, Inc.

Even students who have a few years left found the event to be helpful, using it as a stepping stone to plan ahead.

"It prepares you because you get a few more years to jumpstart on looking for what you might want to do and it can also help you decide on the education basis you might want to take," said Whitley Apperson, a Darton College Freshman.

The career fair had plenty of booths available, allowing visitors to hold a snake from Chehaw Wildlife Park, shake an employer's hand, or simply introduce themselves, giving them a one-up over those who only apply online.

"It gives the employers the opportunity to meet the individual that they're about to potentially hire. With the internet you can't do that," said Kimberly Henderson, a Mary Kay Consultant.

Do you believe applying in person gives you an advantage?

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