How to get a piece of government spending

Georgia Tech Procurement Assistant Center held a seminar on how to win a government contract / Sean Streicher

Most small business owners do not call one of the biggest consumers of goods and services a customer.

The U.S. Government spends hundreds of billions of dollars each year on goods and services.

The Georgia Tech Procurement Assistant Center held a seminar today to help small businesses cash in on government spending by winning a government contract.

The seminar went over 21 steps to becoming eligible to get a contract.

Procurement counselor Bridgett Bennett thinks if someone's going to get paid, why not have it be you, "I would think that if you're in business that you would want to obtain as many customers as possible, and we knew the government is going to purchase something, they're going to purchase something. They're going to buy it from someone so why not buy it from you."

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