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      How to beat the holiday blues

      Although this time of year is depicted as being cheerful and happy, some struggle with the holiday blues but experts say there are ways to fight it.

      Dr. Cheryl Kaiser with Insight Psychotherapy says leading up to Christmas, some may struggle with wanting to provide for their family but not having the finances to do so, which can cause depression and feelings of low self-esteem.

      Another issue that may cause a holiday party to be something negative is the realization that a recently-deceased loved one is not there.

      Dr. Kaiser says in these instances, it TMs important to focus on the positives such as what you do have and all of the holidays you had with that relative.

      If trying to think positive still doesn TMt spark feelings of happiness, Dr. Kaiser says one of the best ways to stay busy and feel good is by helping others, like volunteering to feed the less fortunate or donating a gift to a child in need.