'How to be a real person' class

Photo Credit: Romney Smith

Whether a marine leaves the corps for medical reasons, interest in another career or retirement, they're required to take the T.A.M.P. class, otherwise known as the Transition Assistance Management Program.

MCLB Transition Manager Terry Cosper says marines have a lot packed into the one week agenda. "How to do a resume, how to job search, how to dress for success and also how to go and meet out the public and actually do an interview" says Cosper.

Officials say the class is mandatory in order to give the marine a strong foundation to stand on without the military. MCLB Transition Counselor Robin Gray says the transition into civilian life can be difficult for marines, and especially career marines who have served 20+ years. "One, they have to get out into the civilian sector and the language is different, the camaraderie is different, and there's a lot of life changes" says Gray.

The services available to transitioning marines goes on well after the TAMP program ends. "After the T.A.M.P. week is over with, then we actually sit down one on one and really get into the weeds of a resume and make it perfect" says Cosper.

The program also covers various veteran resources and military civilian jobs available to transitioning marines. After training the office regularly checks in to see how former marines are doing. "We just get totally crazy and happy when they find a job after using the tools that we provided" says Gray.

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