How the base keeps families strong

MCLB Family Readiness Officers

The Family Readiness Office, or FRO, is the liaison between the unit commander and military families. Family Readiness Officer Salina McBride says sometimes people can feel lost on base. Majority of the military lifestyle is 'Wow, I TMm going through this and no one else has gone through it,' but the reality is we all have gone through it and we are all one huge support network. We just need to tap into each other says McBride.

Marcus White another Family Readiness Officer says the program is necessary to have on base. This program makes sure that it TMs a holistic approach to making sure this family is healthy, that they're strong, that they're vibrant, that they're ready at any given time to support the marine or sailor in the mission that they've signed up for says White.

The FRO provides resources, activities, workshops, and programs to give families the tools and opportunities to maintain a strong relationship and develop resiliency. Workshops can range from baby safety to communication for married couples, etc. Many times the FRO is able to bring resources to training sessions so it TMs a one-stop-shop.

The FRO reaches out to everyone on base, but one group stands out. Particularly in units where there is heavy deployment that can be an awesome strain on a marine family and military families so we try to make sure they have all of the tools and resources necessary to support them. And if we don TMt have it here we will try to find it for them says White.

The family foundation can be rocked when a marine is deployed, and the FRO can help not only in their official capacity, but understand the struggle on a personal level because both family readiness officers are also military spouses.

The FRO also provide family friendly activity since kids are an important part of the family. They have a catchy phrase for people to remember what the office does: We TMre your one stop information and referral stop - so if you don TMt know ask the FRO.