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      How safe is your bank account?

      In the past seven days there have been three reported cases of fraudulent debit card use in Colquitt County.

      Gina Figueroa is just one resident who fell victim to the crime.

      Figueroa said while looking through her recent purchases on her debit card account, which thankfully she does frequently, she noticed there were several charges in Florida that were not made by her.

      She said the person using her card spent nearly $1,000. Luckily, she is a member of South Georgia Bank which worked with her to get the money back into her account. She also filed a report with the police report and are hoping they have some leaders.

      Cpl. David Underwood with the Moultrie Police Department said it's actually pretty easy to catch this kind of criminal if there is surveillance video where they used the stolen card.

      Underwood said there was a case he was working on today where a woman was on her way back from Florida and used her debit card to get gas. Before she had even gotten back to Moultrie, there were several purchases made on her debit card. Luckily, her bank alerted her of the strange charges.

      Underwood said he advises people when traveling and even when shopping around town to try and use cash if you can.

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