How private is your private Facebook?

Photo Credit: MGN Online

These days most of us already have our profiles set to private but does private really mean what you think it does?

Many of us are on Facebook many times a day looking at friends information, updating our own, sharing pictures and memories but when was the last time you check your privacy settings? Shacorra Mobley says only her friends can see her pictures because her page is private. Austin Clemmons says his is private too because, "it's not anybody's business to follow me and look at what I post on the internet."

But it's not always just about looking. Larry Zimbler with Liberators says Facebook can, "take a picture of you on a summer's day and put a headline on it and call it an ad and sell it and you're now an actor or actress."

Zimbler also says, "Once you make that connection, there's additional information that the vendor knows about you so they can target you directly and then Facebook will know what your preferences are and send you ad copy for that."

If you use your Facebook to login to other website you're sharing your friends information too. Zimbler says, "Facebook is okay with it because they'll charge money for connecting all the data together."

One more thing to keep in mind, whenever you take a quiz on Facebook your answers are stored and again used to track your tendencies for marketing purposes.