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      How often is the equipment at the fair inspected?

      The fair is back in Albany and it's no secret that the rides used at the park are used over and over again throughout different cities in the U.S. during the season. On Thursday, FOX 31 spoke with John Strates, Director of Operations with Strates Shows, Inc. to find out how often the equipment is inspected and he says there's no need to worry because the rides are inspected by the operators daily and inspected by the state of Georgia once a year."Every device out here that is a amusement device get a daily inspection one hour prior to the park opening. It's important to check the machines everyday because of wear and tear. Everything from cracks, to bearings, to hydraulics, leaks you name it, that's why we keep a close eye on the equipment," says Straits. He adds that the machines range in age from brand new, to as old as 20 years.Aside from equipment safety, fair officials say you need to also be cautious of your kids ad getting to close to the machines unsupervised.That's why Skip Nichols, Fair Manager says, "we don't allow kids to come inside the fair unless they're fifteen years old, if they're younger they must have a parent or guardian to enter."The fair will be in Albany until Sunday. Admission for people 42 inches and above is $6. If you're under 42 inches admission is $2.Nicholas says he expects between 50,000-60,000 people to visit the fair this weekend.

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