How many voting precincts in Dougherty County?

Voters at the Government Center in downtown Albany. / Jessica Fairley

For FOX 31's Facebook story of the day you wanted to know exactly how many voting precincts are in Dougherty County.

Those with the Dougherty County Board of Elections say there are 28 precincts in the county.

The 29th precinct is comprised of absentee votes.

Officials say precincts are set up based on size. The goal is to eliminate long lines during big elections.

"If a precinct becomes too large then we try to split them up as we did precinct five two years ago and created the precinct which is now number 27, First Christian Church," says Allen Pendleton, Board of Elections member.

Precinct four on Beattie Road is now the largest voting precinct in Dougherty County.

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