How Lee County educators combat the flu season

Lee County school nurses say they urge all students to wash their hands frequently throughout the day to avoid the flu / Colby Gallagher

After parents expressed their concern following what they thought was a high number of absences in their children's class, Fox 31 reached out to the Lee County Board of Education who said although there are always sicknesses in the winter, this year is no worse than previous years.

"We've had students get sick at school, we've had them miss school, but to this point it hasn't been extreme," said Superintendent Dr. Larry Walters.

Lee County School System Nurse Manager Dana Leverett says four out of the seven schools have had one confirmed case of the flu which is tracked by having each school nurse follow strict daily protocol once classroom attendance is collected.

"I pull up on my computer the daily attendance and if they have two or more out, I usually call or email the teacher and we call the parent just to check and see what's going on with the child," said Lee County Primary School Nurse, Mandy Rogers.

Since children are at a vulnerable age for getting sick, teachers are responsible for wiping down all classroom equipment at the end of class and making sure each child frequently uses hand sanitizer throughout the day.

Even though the number of the cases in the schools isn't too high yet, school nurses say flu season isn't over just yet so be sure your child washes their hands for at least 20 seconds and turns the sink off using a paper towel.

If they do happen to get sick, nurses say the best way to prevent other classmates from getting infected is to simply stay home.

"Let us know what's going on. The teachers are great, they'll get the class work ready and we'll get it sent home so they don't get behind," said Rogers.

For now, school officials say they'll continue to stress the importance of washing hands and disinfecting equipment to keep kids out of the doctor's office and inside the classroom.

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