How fast can I go on Gillionville Road?

The speed on certain parts of Gillionville Road is posted at 45 mph / Ashley Knight

Chief Don Cheek with Dougherty County Police Department says there is some misunderstanding with the way Georgia Deptartment of Transportation has listed the speed limit for parts of Gillionville Road after the new construction to four lanes.

In paperwork, it lists the speed will be posted at 55 miles an hour, but currently road signs say 45 mph. Chief Cheek says historically, roads with curbs have been listed as 45 mph due to fears of rollover accidents.

"If you had a vehicle that lost control for whatever reason, and hit one of those curbs at speed, it begins to get the car lifted up, which can actually get it airborne or cause them to roll," says Chief Cheek.

Commissioners will speak with GDOT for clarification.

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