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      How do Lee County residents feel about a proposed road expansion?

      Lee County Commissioners want to help ease traffic on U.S. 19 by proposing a road extension project.

      On Tuesday the Commission held a public meeting to see what people who live in the area had to say about it.

      Here's the plan: Commissioners want to provide an East-West connection between U.S. 19 and U.S. 82, that'll cut right down Glendale Road.

      This will be a two lane path that will eventually connect Forrester Parkway and Westover Road.

      Janice Wood is against the project and spoke to FOX 31 News, "it's going to make our property value go down and that's a real big concern of mine since I'm close to retirement age I may sell my house one day and I want it to be worth some money."

      Jim Bacon is for the project and says, "they though it would be more of the important projects that Lee County could do from a commercial development standpoint and the point is to tie the East and the West together."

      This was just a public hearing.

      The commission will vote on the proposed project in about two weeks.