How do female Marines do their 'do?

The Hair Bun is on of the regulation hair styles for women of the military. / Romney Smith

In boot camp Marines are taught how to walk, talk, and how to do their hair. Men have to keep their hair even and under 3 inches, but Sgt. Joanna Sudduth says women are a different story. "They'll show us how they want your hair and its very strict guidelines. You do get inspected at the end to make sure that everything is in regulation"

So here's how they make those perfect hair buns step by step:

Step 1: Wet hair and pull into a low pony tail

Step 2: Evenly distribute gel on hair to avoid fly-aways

Step 3: Cut the bottom off of a sock and roll til you have a 'sock donut', pull onto pony tail

Step 4: Add more water and gel and make sure sock is covered evenly with hair then secure with an elastic pony tail holder.

Step 5: Take extra hair and twist around bun and secure ends with a bobby pin similar to your hair color.

Step 6: Spray entire head with hair spray to make sure everything is secure

By the end of the day female Marines say their hair is rock hard from all of the products used.

Extreme hair colors or hairstyles are not allowed, and there are even special rules for ladies who choose to wear braids or very short hair styles. Ladies with short hairdos have to be above the collar. The Marine Corps even has rules for how to transition if a Marine chooses to grow out their hair. "I got a fake bun that was my natural hair color and I pulled my hair back and I actually wore the fake bun over the pony tail" says Sudduth.

Marines say they like the bun because it's professional and keeps hair out of the way when engaged in physical activities. "We can't have distractions, we can't have things in our face or in the way so everything is pulled back, it's tight, and its professional" says Sudduth.

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