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      How APD keeps their K-9 cool

      Since the temperatures have increased, Albany Police have been warning people to keep kids and pets out of hot cars. Today we found out, they TMre following the same rules.

      Sgt. Duane Higginbotham told FOX 31 about the special features the truck that his K-9 dog, Mona, stays in has. Inside is a hot box that regulates the temperatures inside the truck. Once it reaches 80 degrees inside it TMll let the windows down and start an exhaust fan. Higginbotham says he never leaves the dog unattended inside the truck without it running, this is just an extra safety feature in the event that the truck stalls or the air conditioning goes out.

      He stressed how important it is to keep Mona cool, The temperature can get too hot for the dog and she could have a heat stroke and die as a result. Her safety inside the truck is very important.

      The truck also has dark tinted windows as an extra precaution to help keep the dog cool.