How Albany State hopes to empower local youth

Albany State University will be hosting a youth summit this coming Saturday on campus

Albany State University hopes to empower youth this coming Saturday in a youth forum.

The first Parents for Change "4Given" Youth Empowerment Summit will take place from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday in the ACAD building at Albany State University and will cover things like abstinence education, goal setting and attainment, drug and gang violence prevention, bullying prevention, and many other topics.

Sponsors of the event include the 100 black Men of Albany and individual members of the Albany-Dougherty Gang Task Force.

The event is geared toward middle and high school-aged children and is free, but you must register.

For more information, contact Bernetta Quimbley at 229-733-9071 or Detrell Hawkins at 229-854-2891.