House fires decline from 2011 to 2012

A home in Albany is destroyed by fire. / Jessica Fairley

Fox 31 Facebook fans wanted to know how many fires the Albany Fire Department responded to in 2012.

Fire officials say the good news is they responded to less fires last year than they did in 2011.

There were 213 structure fires in 2012. That's down from the 252 fires in 2011.

The Albany Fire Department was able to operate at a 93 percent save rate which means there was less fire damage to the homes because their quick actions.

Officials say 47 percent of the fires started in the kitchen. Bedroom fires come in second, followed by those that start in the laundry room.

"Don't leave home with your dryer running. We see that a lot and when it malfunctions there's no one there to take care of it and sometimes it generates a structure fire," said Deputy Chief Ron Rowe, Albany Fire Department.

Albany fire officials say fires are their number on response calls, followed by false alarms and emergency medical calls.

When added up, the Albany Fire Department responded to 3,500 calls in 2012. In 2011, they answered more than 3,800 calls.

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