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      House Bill grants more money for Tech College students

      House 697, an education bill, has passed and will increase the tuition for Hope Grant recipients at technical colleges.

      The director of Public Relations and Information for Albany Tech , Wendy Howell, says the House Bill started from a governing grant for workforce development programs about a year ago. Initially, the grant incorporated practical nursing, early childhood care and education and commercial truck driving. Now the hope grant will include other programs and be able to provide more money.

      Howell said, Welding, healthcare, diesel and information technology so for students enrolled in those programs, if it's passed I believe it'll be affective this fall they will be able to receive additional hope.

      There are over 16,000 students enrolled in tech colleges in Georgia. Howell says if you are enrolled, been in Georgia for over two years, and have over a 3.5 grade point average, you qualify.

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