Hotel and motel tax bill could bring big bucks to Albany

This bill will raise the hotel/motel tax in Albany from 7 to 8 percent.
/ Courtney Highfield

House Bill 233 passed in the Georgia House of Representatives Wednesday with an overwhelming 120 votes.

This bill will raise the hotel/motel tax in Albany from 7 to 8 percent.

While this may seem small being that it is only a 1 percent difference, Rashelle Beasley with the Albany Convention & Visitors Bureau, says it could bring in around $200,000 per year in new revenue.

State Representative Winfred Dukes says this bill is overall a positive move for the city of Albany.

Dukes says this extra revenue will go back to helping promote Albany, and helping the city grow. He also says by raising this tax, it could lower other taxes for the citizens of Albany.

Bo Henry, the co-owner of Merry Acres Inn, says there are pro's and con's to this bill in terms of how it will affect his business.

The pro's are that it will help promote tourism, and bring more people to the city, thus bringing more people to stay in the hotels.

On the other hand, Henry also says it could do the opposite, the increase in price for the hotel rooms could turn people away, but he is hopeful this won't happen.

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