Hot grease poured on Baconton neighborhood dog

The owner says he could smell the grease on his dog when he saw him

Baconton resident Alfonzo Smoak says he believes his two-year-old lab-pit bull mix had hot grease poured on him.

"I don't have any clue as to why someone would want to do that. The police never been called about the dog, the dog never bit anyone, there's never been a problem with the dog, everyone in Baconton loves the dog," says Smoak.

But he suspects not just everyone loves Chino.

"My brother he told me he overheard a guy telling someone that he was going to kill that dog," says Smoak.

Smoak says his mother called him when he was out of town saying something happened to the dog. He says when he got home he could smell the grease on Chino.

"It's just devastating for someone to treat an animal that way because I look at the dog like one of my kids," says Smoak.

This isn't the first incident that occurred with the dog.

"About a month and half ago someone literally took a knife and stabbed him. It's just getting out of control and I really want to do something about it," says Smoak.

When he finds out who did it, Smoak says he only has one question.

"To whoever may have did whatever they did to the dog, I just want to know why," he says.

If you have any information about who might have caused the dog's injuries, contact the Mitchell County Sheriff's Office at (229) 336-2032. Smoak is offering a $250 reward.

Smoak says he is taking Chino to the veterinarian on Friday. He says he tried to take the dog on Thursday but the facility closed for the evening, but the vet gave herbal remedies to help the dog until then.

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