Honoring veterans with houses

Stacy McCrary, a U.S. Navy Veteran, received a home from Habitat for Humanity. / Jessica Fairley

Four veterans have come forward to apply for homes built by Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat officials are seeking military applicants to receive the homes.

Exactly one week ago, a U.S. Navy Veteran took the keys to her brand new Habitat for Humanity home. On September 11th she was also honored by the organization for her partnership.

"They love their new home. My oldest sings in the shower now and it think that's a good sign," says Stacey McCrary, Habitat for Humanity Homeowner

As the kids play in their room, McCrary thinks about the journey she's taken to get her home and the time that's gone by since she moved in.

The mother of three balances two jobs but she says the sweat equity put into signing on with Habitat for Humanity was worth the extra work.

"It's been great. It's been peaceful. I've got room to stretch out. The kids can be over here and I can be over there. In our old house were we underneath each other," says Stacy McCrary.

After hearing about her story on FOX 31, now more military families are signing up for the challenge.

"Thanks to the media because the media was the first to put it out there that Flint River Habitat is looking for veterans and to call and they called," says Caroline Pile, Business Director for Flint River Habitat for Humanity.

The four people who've come forward and submitted applications are awaiting approval and officials hope even more veterans apply.

The Flint River Chapter of Habitat for Humanity is located at 717 Pine Avenue Albany, GA 31701. To contact the organization about a home call (229) 446-8199.