Honor, Courage, and Respect

Sgt. Major Conrad Potts explains the Marine Corps core values / Romney Smith

The core values of the Marine Corps are honor, courage, and commitment.

Sgt. Major Conrad Potts says honor is needed because it's part of the bedrock of marine's character. "Honor is the guiding tool of the Marines to exude the moral and ethical behavior to do the right thing when no one else is looking" says Potts.

Marines also value mental, moral, and physical courage. They acknowledge that even when they're scared, they must continue their mission regardless of what it is. "It's not ignoring fear but its facing the fear and overcoming it. It's that courage, that intestinal fortitude to step forth and do what you have to do as a marine whether it be to correct someone on a uniform situation, or tell them if they're doing something ethically wrong, or if they're in a combat situation being able to charge the bunker or wherever the enemies fire comes from. You have to have that courage to do that" says Potts.

The last core value is commitment, which they describe as 'the spirit and determination every marine has to serve because they have to win our nations battles'. "When other people would quit, we're going to be committed to accomplishing the mission. We're going to stay with it as tedious, as boring, as hard, whatever the task is we're going to be committed to seeing that through until the job is done" says Potts.

Honor, courage, and commitment are taught to marines starting at boot camp. Potts says once the core values are laid as the foundation, everything else can be built upon it.