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      Honesty is best policy when traveling with pets

      A study by Trip Advisor recently showed that 22% of people admitted they used some clever ways to sneak their pets into hotels, but Albany officials say when visiting this area, there's no need.

      "We are in Southwest Georgia and we have several events that come through town that cater to hunters and to dog owners so our hotels are very accommodating to that," said Jenny Collins with the Albany Convention and Visitor TMs Bureau.

      In fact, 16 of the 25 local hotels have some sort of pet-friendly policy, including the Baymont Inn and Suites. General Manager Tim Hardwick says it's an amenity that's helped boost their numbers.

      "We think it's a really good thing to be able to have pets and they're actually part of the family, so we offer a 2 pets-per-room-per-stay," said General Manager Tim Hardwick.

      Because a pet can leave behind some extra fur, hotels charge a small extra fee to make sure the room doesn't show signs of your best friend tagging along, but that price and each individual policy varies by where you stay.

      The repercussions of getting caught are also decided on by hotel but can range from being shown the door to having to pay a fine.

      "There's a penalty if our guests do not let us know that there's a pet in the room because there's of the cleaning charges that we'd go through to make it ready for and allergy-free for all of our other guests," said Hardwick.

      For those who aren't fans of pets, there are plenty of places to stay where you won't have to worry about dealing with them at all.