Honduras travelers visit Rotary

Rotary members enjoy a presentation from Dr. Denton Hardie, outlining his mission trips to Honduras. / Matt Prichard

The Dougherty County Rotary Club welcomed Dr. Denton Hardie this morning, who heads up "Westside Ministries," out of Ashburn.

Dr. Hardie spoke on several trips he's made to Honduras over the last several years, and the impact he's seen while there.

From medical assistance, to simply giving someone a pair of shoes, Dr. Hardie says he truly feels they're making a difference in the lives of those that call Honduras home.

"Those people down there are so patient, and kind. There's not an evil bone in their bodies, they're just so appreciative of what little things they do get from us," said Dr. Hardie.

And by visiting a country like Honduras, Dr. Hardie says it gives you a greater appreciation for what we have here in the United States.

"We're so blessed in this country, but we really don't realize that. If you go to a foreign country and see what they live in, it really makes you appreciate what you do have here in the United States," said Dr. Hardie.

"Westside Ministries," will be making another trip to Honduras in June, and hope to bring more people from Albany down with them. If you would like to get involved you can contact Dr. Hardie at First Baptist Church, or call his office at (229) 432-6641.