Homeless woman behind bars

Dougherty County Police have reportedly arrested the homeless woman living along Newton Road. / From file

Dougherty County Police arrested a homeless woman on November 29th who has been camping out along Newton Road for the last several months.

The woman apparently came into the Police Department and stated that an officer had sexually assaulted her, reporting him by name. Officers immediately took her to the Lily Pad and asked her to undergo an exam to determine her attacker. The woman reportedly refused the exam, and quickly changed her story, unable to correctly identify her attacker.

She has been arrested for "falsely reporting a crime," and is currently in the Dougherty County Jail. No word on when she will be out, but officials at Monday morning's county commission meeting say they may be seeking to send her elsewhere.

The woman has reportedly made similar accusations in the past, directed at the Dougherty County Sheriff's Office and several citizens throughout the community.