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      Home sweet home at last

      Home sweet home. Three words we often take for granted. But not Yatoya Barney, she appreciates every one of those words, and even more now than she used to.

      Barney is a single mom of a four year old, and a widow who lost her husband in Afghanistan in April of 2010. She says she's been through financial struggles in the past few years and hasn't been able to provide her son with a stable or steady home.

      That's all about to change however thanks to Habitat for Humanity who's in the process of building her a new three bedroom, one bathroom home.

      Barney says what's most important to her is providing some kind of stability for her son. She says she grew up moving around a lot and knows the negative affects it has on a child.

      She hopes he'll be able to grow up with the same friends, teachers, coaches, etc. and knows that having this sense of stability will help him succeed in life.

      Habitat officials estimated her move-in date to be sometime in July.