Home Depot jobs take root in Albany

Home Depot says they're going to need those extra set of hands as people begin to gear up for spring.
/ Sean Streicher

Home Depot has recently announced they will be hiring 80,000 new associates for the spring season, 10,000 more then they hired this time last year. Locally the effects of this hiring spree are already being felt.

The Albany Home Depot started hiring eight weeks ago and are planning to add 20-25 part and full time employees, and while some locations these positions may be seasonal, that is not the case locally.

"Here in our district, in our area, we don't hire seasonal people, everyone we hire, we hire for the long haul. We will hopefully be people that have a nice career with us, and stick around a long time for us," say Jim King, the manager of the Albany Home Depot.

Interested applicants should visit and fill out an application.

The store says they're going to need those extra set of hands as people begin to gear up for spring.

"That's typically when you know, gardens start to boom, people are buying plants and everything, lumber projects are doing well," explains King.

It's not just Home Depot that adds jobs during the spring; over the past three years, Metro-Albany has added almost 3,000 jobs through the months of March, April and May.

"When you have three years back to back of job increases over the same periods of those years we definitely consider that to be a trend," said Sam Hall, the Communications Director with the Georgia Department of Labor (GDOL).

The GDOL says they have no reason to believe that trend will change this year.

Job seekers can also visit for job openings around the state.

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