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      Holiday travel means higher demand for blood

      Although there were two blood drives on Saturday, the Albany Red Cross is still trying to keep up their supply as the new year, a common traveling day, approaches.

      Traveling holidays always includes the risk of accidents, especially ones involving alcohol. The Red Cross says because of this risk, they need to keep up the blood supply, especially type O, the most common blood type.

      "There tends to be a little bit more accidents during the travel season because people are traveling but we need to also make sure we have blood available for the patients who are already in the hospital who are going through procedures or having surgery and also who are the donors coming in through the emergency room who need blood," said Team Supervisor Lena Thomas.

      Thomas adds that blood is perishable, so even if supply is up now, it may not be in a short amount of time.

      To add some incentive to possible donors, anyone who gives blood before December 31st is automatically added into a drawing for a $1,000 visa gift card. The winner will be picked after the holiday.