Holiday hoaxes can be prevented

Holiday shopping comes with scams, prepare yourself with these helpful tips! / From file

Scams and Christmas don't seem like they should go together, but all to often the holiday season is the time when crooks strike the most.

In our Facebook Story of the Day we sat down with Dougherty County Sheriff's Office Captain, Craig Dodd, to find out the best ways to prevent these kind of scams from happening to you.

"First off when you're purchasing items at the store, make sure no one is looking over your shoulder at the numbers on your card, or the pin number you're entering in," said Captain Dodd.

And Dodd also says you can be proactive, by showing the cashier your ID, even if they don't ask.

"Make them ask you for a photo ID. Say, ya know I'd really like to show you my photo ID with my credit card. Because if they make the mistake, give your number to anybody else, you're covered," said Captain Dodd.

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