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      Holiday decorations pose a serious threat to pets

      Lights, tinsel, and ornaments are meant to brighten the holiday season, but to our four legged friends, these joyful object can be seriously dangerous.

      "A lot of our pets, particularly the young ones, the kittens and the puppies say "oh my gosh we got new toys in the house," said Dr. Henry Hart a Veterinarian at Westover Animal Hospital.

      According to Dr. Hart, one of the biggest dangers to pets is electrocution from chewing on wires.

      Other decorations, like garland and Christmas ornaments also pose a threat, "they'll play with those things and swallow them, and end up in the emergency room for emergency surgery because of that," said Dr. Hart

      Presents and decorations aren't the only things bad for your pet to eat; plants such as poinsettias and mistletoe can be dangerous to animals as well. Dr. Hart says even holiday leftovers can make them sick.

      Experts say if your pets seem to be curious of the holiday decorations make sure to keep a closer eye on them, and if you have to leave them alone, confine them to a part of the house where they won TMt be in danger.

      Dr. Hart says it's best to stick to dog or cat food, to help ensure both you and your pet can enjoy the holidays.