'Holiday Blues' may have contributed to disappearance of Lee Co. woman

The elderly seem to be moer susceptible to the "Holiday Blues"

Many people suffer from holiday blues, especially the elderly.

And while we don't know exactly the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of 77-year-old Fannie Corley, psychologists say holiday depression may have contributed. Psychologists say the holidays can often cause depression, and the elderly seem to be more susceptible to the so-called holiday blues.

"Everything seems to be enhanced at the holidays, the joy as well as the pain and I think there's just a notion that everybody in the world is having a good time but me, or is close to somebody," Said therapist Elaine Gurley.

Warning signs include: If the person talks of being worthless or having nothing to live for, talking about suicide or if they talk about past regrets as they look back on their life.