Hole in one scores golfer a new car

Sissy Smith won a new Toyota Prius for getting a hole in one at the Lopez Hospice Golf Classic / Sarah Bleau

Some are hoping to get lucky with the lottery on Friday, but one golfer got lucky on Saturday after getting a hole in one.

Sissy Smith, a golfer of nearly 25 years, is the winner of a Toyota Prius after scoring a hole in one during the Lopez Hospice Golf Classic. She made the shot on the 141 yard long hole #2 at Doublegate Country Club during the March 23rd event .

"I must say it feels very, very good because my car that I had was a 2000 and it was needing repairs and stuff that now I don't have to worry about," says Smith.

She says the key to getting a hole in one is staying relaxed and also a little bit of luck.

The Lopez Hospice Golf Classic, whose namesake is for Albany native and LPGA golf champ Nancy Lopez, benefits the Willson Hospice House and Albany Community Hospice.

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