Hole-in-One for the most needy

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During an extremely slow economy, the Birdies for Charity golf tournament was held this summer in the month of June. This is the 4th year that this tournament has impacted the lives of those who are less fortunate. Sponsored by the Charity League and the Debutante Club, this tournament last year raised $17,000.00 for worthy charities all over the greater Albany area. Emboldened by their success of last year, the Debutantes planned and achieved a goal of $20,000.00.

"As a group of girls we want to be part of the community and be good productive members of society," said Hannah Blackwell of the 2011 Debutante Club.

In years past, the event sponsors split the money between several charities. This year it was decided by the Debutantes to give the complete amount to The Salvation Army Social Services programs, with a special
emphasis on the life-changing work being done at a Place 4 Hope. While The Salvation Army continues to do great work in our community, A Place 4 Hope has become a reminder to those who might be forgotten of what it means to live in the "Good Life" city.

A Place 4 Hope is truly a community collaboration between church, business, goverment, and the general public. The Salvation Army leads this program with guidance given by these other partnering organizations. Since its' inception in November of 2010, Place 4 Hope has made 5708 contacts with a variety of clients, including 1537 loads of laundry, 1972 showers, 3140 phone calls, 2195 hygiene products, 1086 meals, and various resource center appointments.

"Gifts from these young women ensure that the work of the Salvation Army and A Place 4 Hope will continue to touch more lives," said David Blackwell, who is the Homeless Coalition Chair, Salvation Army board
member, founding member of A Place 4 Hope, and, more importantly, father of one of this year's debutantes, Hannah.

The gift presentation will be September 28, 2011 at 12 PM at the Doublegate Country Club, where this year's event was held.

"What do you say to people who care more for others than they do for themselves and give this way?" replied Captain Douglas McClure, "You say 'thank you' and we will keep 'doing the most good!'"