Hit-and-run victim remembered Saturday

Family members mourn the loss of their daughter, sister, and friend. / Matt Prichard

Family members gathered today in Dawson to mourn the loss of their daughter, sister and friend who was killed in a fatal, "hit-and-run" accident on Thursday.

24-year-old, Latosha Harvey, and her 4-year-old Daughter Emani were killed in the accident, with one other being transported to the hospital.

Saturday family members stood at the accident site, holding flowers, gifts, and balloons remembering the two victim's that were killed in the crash.

Latosha's sister spoke exclusively with FOX 31 saying although their family is shaken, they're standing strong.

"Its been a little hectic, but you know we are pulling together. The family that prays together, stays together. So we're doing good," said Latosha's sister, Vontrecia Harvey.

Charges are still pending against the driver that struck Latosha's car, and we will keep you updated once we know more.

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