Hill Rd. dryer fire is 14th this year

Fire investigators say a dryer on Hill Road caught fire Tuesday night

A fire causes $35,000 in damage to a Dougherty County home, and investigators say it started in the laundry room.

Albany Fire Chief James Carswell says the dryer at 4828 Hill Road caught fire Tuesday night. Carswell says this is the 14th dryer fire this year and collectively these types of fires have caused $250,000 worth of damage. Carswell says to clean out your lint trap and dryer duct, and keep your dryer area clear to avoid a dryer fire.

"We pile clothes on top of them. Clothes get pushed behind them. People don't clean the vent, lint trap. That traps there for a reason to catch some of that excess lint. If you don't clean it out it can't get air movement through it and it builds up somewhere else," Carswell said.

It's also recommended to get an aluminum dryer duct which is fire resistant.

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