Highest ranking Marine Chaplain visits Albany

Marine Corps Chaplain Margaret Kibben speaking in the MCLB's Chapel / Romney Smith

The Chaplain of the entire Marine Corps visited Albany this week to tour the base and meet marines.

Rear Admiral Margaret Kibben says coming to Albany was high on her to do list. "I wanted to come to the Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany because one it is often forgotten, it is in the middle of nowhere, but it has such a vital role to play in the Marine Corps that it can't be ignored" says Kibben.

Gunnery Sgt. Fredrick Sloan says he appreciates the chaplain taking time to visit and share an uplifting message. "It's good to know that they're coming out and visiting bases to find out what they can do to provide information to marines at all bases not just the larger bases like Camp Lejeune or Camp Pendleton, but right here in Albany" says Sloan.

More than 100 people filled the base chapel to hear Chaplain Kibben speak. The topics covered a wide area including pride, support, leadership, teamwork, and confidence. "Talk about self confidence, when we lose that, then we are more apt to find ourselves in more challenging situations without anything to fall back on or we find ourselves making bad decisions because we don't have a governor by which to rule ourselves" says Kibben.

Marines asked a variety of questions and the chaplain didn't shy away from tough questions like suicides within the Marine Corps.

As part of her job Kibben travels all over talking with marines and getting a feel for what some need on the spiritual level. The Marine Corps Office of the Chaplaincy then tries to provide that support to the best of their ability. "As a chaplain we do have a message that's slightly different than the normal discourse that takes place in some of these spaces. So as a chaplain I think we bring the humanity back, we bring the spirit back, we bring the value back" says Kibben.