High standards for kindergarteners

Dougherty County has selected eight teachers who have done a phenomenal job in the classroom this year. Only one will be named the DCSS Teacher of the Year at a May 8th banquet.

Veronica Reese is a kindergarten teacher at Sherwood Acres Elementary and is one of this year's finalists.

They say anything you TMve ever needed to know you learned in kindergarten.

For me it TMs the enjoyment of being able to see the kids as they progress, said Veronica Reese, kindergarten teacher at Sherwood Acres Elementary. We TMve been in school for 154 days and see them come August 5th compared to now, they have grown tremendously.

As a kindergarten teacher Reese feels she TMs laying the foundation for the rest of her student TMs lives. She believes if she doesn TMt enjoy what she TMs doing, neither will her students.

In and out of the classroom, Reese is constantly thinking of her students. She attends her student TMs sporting events and has a connection with each one.

I like to involve their family as much as possible because I believe the parents and the teachers have to work together in order to make sure the child succeeds, said Reese.

Reese relates to the kindergartners by getting down to their level. But she raises the bar high with her standards and can TMt is a four letter work in her classroom.

At the beginning of the school year, on the first day of school we throw out the word can TMt because we don TMt use the word can TMt because we can do all things, said Reese.

Whether Reese becomes the 2012 teacher of the year or not, she TMs already the winner for the mark left on the students at Sherwood Acres Elementary.

Even the 5th grades are excited to see her and they say oh that TMs Miss Reese and they remember her from kindergarten, said Dr. Christine Ford, assistant principal at Sherwood Acres Elementary.