High schools want parental involvement at open house

Principals want parents to attend the open house and get involved with their students

In our Good News of the Day, Dougherty County high schools hope an open house will help parents get more involved in their students' lives.

"We are really concerned about our graduation rate, students passing the EOCT and course tests and I just know with the parental involvement piece attached to academics, we can really just go to greater heights," says Albany High School Principal Dr. Angela Shumate. She says she hopes parental involvement, like open house attendance, helps lower the dropout rate.

Area high schools are hosting an Open House/Parent's Night on Thursday evening from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. for tenth- through twelfth-graders.

"We're just encouraging all parents to come out meet the teachers and get those progress reports," says Shumate.

Parents will also receive materials on how to help their children with academics during the school year.