High school students get college experience

Tracy Knighton speaks to students at Albany State University. / Jessica Fairley

Dougherty County schools and Albany State University teamed up Monday to educate high school seniors about their future options.

After touring the campus of ASU, .the students went to a seminar to learn about financial aid.

They learned what financial aid or scholarships are available for post secondary education.

Students also had the chance to talk with military officials about their scholarships.

"We're trying to make every possible option available to our students because we understand that there are some students who choose not to go to college and we want them to talk to the recruiters and the recruiters talk to them because believe it or not there are scholarships available through the military," said Tracy Knighton, Westover High School Counselor.

Knighton hopes this is the first of many 'financial aid nights' to come.