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      High school helps prepare students for life's journey

      Being in high school can be challenging academically -- then you throw in sports, student organizations, part time jobs and planning your future and it can be overwhelming.Reading, writing and arithmetic are taught in the classrooms, but going undercover as a student in a local high school, opened my eyes to so much more.It was my first day of high school and I didn't know what to wear. I was nervous as I sat in the office waiting to see the principal. I got my schedule -- all honors classes -- what if I struggle? I soon found out that classes weren't the main thing students stressed about.

      As a student moves into his/her senior year, their focus shifts to what comes next. College? Work? Enlisting in the military?

      Students I spoke with are mostly stressed about what happens after graduation, compared to being focused on their current classes. Teachers say they want them to succeed in high school, and after, and are taking steps to help them out. They refer students to websites that can help them narrow down which path may be best for them so after high school, students have acquired the tools needed to succeed.

      Counselor Lori Brinkley says that the students have 'to find that good fit, that fits their personality". While some are undecided, there isn't just one option available after graduation. Students can attend a trade school, go to college, some may jump into the work force, and others can enlist in the military.

      Regardless of their choice, high school students have a lot on their plate and all agree that on top of stressing about doing well academically in the classroom, their future is the most important thing. Ultimately though, the choice is theirs.